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Why Lease?

Balance Sheet Management

  • An operating lease is not considered a long-term debt or liability.

  • It does not appear as a debt on your financial statement, making you more attractive to lenders when you need them

100 Percent Financing

  • There is very little money down, perhaps only the first and last months payments. Since a lease doesn’t require a down payment, its equivalent to 100 percent financing

Immediate Write-off

  • Lease payments are treated as expenses on a company’s income statement. Because of this, equipment does not have to be depreciated over five to seven years


  • Things change, especially when dealing with high-tech equipment. As your business grows, or your needs change, you have the option of upgrading or changing at any time during the lease. You also have the option to include installation, maintenance, or other services as needed.

Customized Solutions

  • A variety of products are available, allowing you to customize a lease program to fit your month-to-month or year-to-year needs

Asset Management

  • A lease provides the use of equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments. At the end of the lease, the lessor assumes and manages the risk of equipment ownership. At the end of the lease, the lessor is responsible for the disposition of the asset


  • Leasing can allow you to respond quickly to new opportunities with minimal documentation and red tape.

Flexible Lease Options

  • There are several options for disposal of the equipment after the lease term ends, such as renewing the lease, and returning or purchasing the equipment

Upgrade Technology

  • If the nature of your industry demands that you have the latest technology, a short-term operating lease can help you get the equipment and keep your cash. Leasing gives you the opportunity to use the equipment that will depreciate quickly, without the risk of being caught with obsolete equipment. You can upgrade or add equipment to meet your ever-changing needs.

Improve Cash Forecasting

  • By leasing equipment, you know the amount and number of lease payments over the life of the leasing period. This allows you to accurately forecast cash requirements for your equipment


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