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Thank you for visiting our website.  Our website has been designed mainly for use as a catalogue.  The shopping cart has been enabled only for use as a means of printing out your wish list of the items.  You can either email us your wish list or confirm items over the phone.  Items will then be reserved (subject to stock availability) for a maximum of 24 hours for store pickup only.  Payment must be made at the store.  We accept Visa/MasterCard/Debit.  Please note – we do not accept credit card over the phone.  We may require you to present some form of identification.

Third-Party Links:  Our website may contain some third-party links mainly to manufacturers of the products we carry. Since we have no control over these sites we cannot assume any responsibility for the content or risk of these websites.  It is solely your responsibility to access these links before you enter.

Please note we are currently only serving the Calgary area.

We do not solicit or store any of your information on our website. Please avoid entering any personal information on any link that could inadvertently appear.  It is your duty to exercise caution whenever you volunteer such information. Doing so would be at your own risk and liability.