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Part Number: 53-53809-N-3
Honeywell, Accessory, USB Cable (9.5ft, Coiled, Type A Connector, Host Power, Color: Black) for VoyagerGS 9590 Barcode Scanners..
Part Number: IDMB-334133B
Idtech IDMB-334133B MiniMag II MagStripe Reader, Track 1, 2, and 3, USB Keyboard Emulation, BlackSmall footprint to fit in tight placesReads up to 3 tracks (varies by model) of informationBi-directional swipe readingSuperior reading of high jitter, scratched, and worn cardsReliable for over 1,000,00..
Part Number: MC75AO
Improve patient care and safety with the next evolution in EDa powerThe MC75A0-HC takes its place as Motorola's premier rugged EDA for healthcare, offering all the features and functionality required to take healthcare quality and patient safety to the next level in your institution.With this easy-t..
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