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Part Number: 1394_44_10
10 Ft IEEE-1394 Firewire Cable 4-4 M/M..
Part Number: 1394_96_6
This 6ft IEEE 1394b FireWire 800 Cable provides one FireWire 9-pin and one FireWire 6-pin male connector and is expertly designed and constructed of high quality materials and IEEE-1394 rated wire to ensure optimum performance and reliability.Capable of data transfer rates of up to 800Mbps, FireWire..
Part Number: 1394_99_6
OverviewIf your computer’s equipped with FireWire 800, you’re obviously passionate about speed and performance. Make sure you get the most out of FireWire 800 with quality cables from StarTech.comThis 9-pin 1394b cable will keep your high-bandwidth video or graphic applications moving data at up to ..
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