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Part Number: 80188
Blue Diamond DVI-D 15 FT Cable..
$22.99 $29.99
Part Number: 6276
Blue Diamond DVI Extension Cable M/F 10 FT Black..
$19.99 $24.99
Part Number: 80189
Product Details:DVI-D Dual Link Cable M/M, 25ftConnects a source and input through a stable DVI dual link connectionTransmits Digital signals onlyResolution up to 2560*1600/60HZ10.2 Gbps data transfer speedDVI Dual link (24+1 pins)Dual coresGold plated contactsGauge: 30AWG..
$29.99 $39.99
DVI to VGA Display Adapter M/FDVI-A (29pin) Dual Link Male to HD15 (VGA) Female AdapterThis adapter can be used to change your DVI-A and DVI-I output connector to a regular VGA connector *...
Part Number: 2759
While the Digital Visual Interface, or DVI, standard has been supplanted by HDMI for consumer applications, some older consumer equipment uses the DVI interface and DVI is still the only way to get extended video resolutions on PCs beyond 1920x1080 offered by HDMI.This dual link DVI-D cable is capab..
$17.99 $29.99
Part Number: Cab-2080
HDMI® Male to DVI-D Single Link Female Adapter..
$8.99 $14.99
Part Number: DVIDDMM3
Overview:The DVIDDMM3 3ft DVI-D Dual Link cable features 2 male DVI (25-pin) connectors and provides a reliable, purely digital connection between your desktop or laptop computer and a DVI-D monitor or projector.The 3 ft DVI-D digital monitor cable supports resolutions of up to 2560x1600 and transmi..
$6.99 $14.99
Part Number: DMSDVIDVI1
OVERVIEW:This DMS 59 to dual DVI Y cable allows you to break out one LFH 59 or LFH 60 (DMS 59 and DMS 60) connection on Matrox Qid, nVidia Quadro, and PNY Quadro graphics cards into two DVI-I Dual Link female connectors - letting you connect two DVI capable monitors for a cost-effective dual display..
Part Number: DVIMM18IN
SPECIFICATIONS:Warranty InformationWarranty LifetimeHardwareIndustry Standards DVI DDWG StandardConnector(s)Connector A 1 - DVI-D (19 pin) MaleConnector B 1 - DVI-D (19 pin) MalePerformanceMaximum Data Transfer Rate 4.95 Gbits/secPhysical CharacteristicsColor BlackWire Gauge 28 AWGCable Length 1.5 f..
$6.99 $12.99
Part Number: DVIDDMM15
Make a high-speed DVI-D connection with’s DVI-D dual-link cables. These quality cables provide a stronger, faster signal to keep the resolution on your panel display, digital projector, or HDTV crystal clear.These cables allow high-speed data transmission up to 9.9 Gbits/sec and are bac..
Part Number: DVISPL1VV
The DVISPL1VV DVI-I to VGA video splitter cable lets you connect 2 VGA monitors/displays to a single DVI-I analog video output port.A cost-effective solution for splitting a DVI-I signal to 2 VGA displays to get the most out of your video card, this high quality splitter cable is backed by StarTech...
Part Number: DVIVGAMM10
This 10ft DVI to VGA Monitor Cable features a DVI (analog) male connector and a VGA (High Density D-Sub) male connector, providing a cost-effective way to connect an analog or dual mode Flat Panel Display to a PC or Mac computer with a DVI Analog Video Card .Expertly designed and constructed of only..
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