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Part Number: DUB-1341
Four USB 3.0 ports Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices High-speed file transfers at 5 Gbps, or almost ten times faster than USB 2.0 Hot-Swappable Plug and Play Sleek, compact design Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs..
$39.99 $44.99
Part Number: ST4200MINI2
Overview:Here’s a simple and cost-effective way to expand your computer’s connectivity by adding extra USB ports. This 4-port USB hub turns a single USB connection into four connections and features a compact, USB-powered design that makes it perfect for travel. The hub also features a small-footpri..
$19.99 $24.99
Part Number: ST4202USB
This 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub connects to one USB 2.0 port on a Mac or PC computer, adding four USB 2.0 ports - allowing you to maximize the number of high speed USB peripherals connected to your computer. The hub supports cascaded installation with other USB 2.0 hubs, supporting up to 127 USB 2.0 device ..
$24.99 $29.99
Part Number: ST4300PBU3
OVERVIEW:The ST4300PBU3 4 Port Portable SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub with Built-in Cable turns a single USB 3.0 port into four so you can connect more peripherals. The integrated cable avoids the need to carry an extra cable, plus the hub is USB-powered for easy transport when you're on the go.Great for a..
$34.99 $39.99
Part Number: ST4300USB3-C
4 Port Black SuperSpeed USB 3.0 HubAdd four external SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports from a single USB connectionComes with Power Adapter and USB 3.0 CableUsed..
$24.99 $49.99
Part Number: HB30AM4AB 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub, 4x USB-A, 5Gbps Laptop/Desktop USB Type-A Hub, USB Bus Powered, 11`` Long Cable with Cable Management - Portable Bus Powered 4-Port USB 3.0 hub - USB Type-A laptop/desktop to 4x USB-A - SuperSpeed 5Gbps USB 3.2/3.1 Gen 1 - 11in long cable w/cable management - Up to 4..
$39.99 $44.99
Part Number: ST4300USB3
OverviewThe ST4300USB3 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub allows you to add 4 additional USB 3.0 ports from a single USB 3.0 connection to the host computer system.Backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.x standards, this USB 3.0 hub still supports older USB devices and can also be used as a hub on ol..
$49.99 $54.99
Part Number: ST4200MINI
The ST4200MINI Mini 4 port USB hub allows you to turn a single USB connection into four USB ports, and based on a small form factor design, requires minimal space to install.An ideal laptop accessory for maximizing the number of available USB device connections, the mini four port USB hub operates o..
$9.99 $24.99
Part Number: HB30C3A1CFBW
4-Port USB-C Hub - USB-C to 1x USB-C and 3x USB-A - USB 3.0 Hub - WhiteTurn a USB Type-C port on your laptop into three USB Type-A ports (5Gbps) and one USB Type-C portThis TAA compliant 4-port USB 3.0 hub lets you connect a wider range of peripherals to your MacBook Pro, MacBook and other USB-C™ la..
$39.99 $44.99
Part Number: ST4300MINU3B
The ST4300MINU3B Portable 4 Port SuperSpeed Mini USB 3.0 Hub (Black) lets you expand your USB connectivity by turning a single USB 3.0 port into four external USB 3.0 ports. The integrated cable design makes this mini USB hub the perfect accessory for your Mac® / PC notebook or Ultrabook™ computer.T..
$29.99 $39.99
Part Number: IUSB3-HUB4-WH
Description-USB 3.0 technology allows for the transfer of large files such as movies, music and backup information in no time, all while recharging your devices and opperate peripherals at the same time4 USB type A ports and one microUSB portData transfer SuperSpeeds up to 5GbpsEquipped with power-s..
$19.99 $24.99
Part Number: IUSB31C-HUB4TLY
Description-USB-C 4 Port USB hub is ideal for connecting multiple devices to your USB-C connected laptop.4 USB 3.0 superspeed portsData transfer SuperSpeeds up to 5Gbps for fast synchronizationSupports hot swap and plug and playLED indicator for ON/OFFSupports overcurrent detection for all portsBack..
$26.99 $39.99
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